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public class GeneralConcept extends Object
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General concept of the SDK

The SDK provides classes and interfaces to interact with the commercetools Composable Commerce APIs in an object-oriented way.


The ApiHttpClient defines the interface to interact with the API. It executes requests and maps the response to the correct class and returns it. The ApiHttpClient supports multiple different HTTP client implementations and can the behavior can be adjusted using middlewares.

ApiRoot & ProjectApiRoot

The ApiRoot and ProjectApiRoot provide a way to explore the functionality of the API while coding. All endpoints are reachable using the chainable calls from the API root as like as the URI hierarchy of the API describes them. All request builder instances are immutable.


For every resource endpoint and HTTP method a specific ApiMethod exists. It specifies the request type and the response return type. Also these classes define methods for the possible query parameters. The `with` methods set the parameter to the specified value and drop already defined ones. The `add` methods will add an additional parameter with the specified value. The ApiMethod classes are immutable. The ApiMethod.execute() and RequestCommand.executeBlocking() can be used to directly execute the request using the configured ApiHttpClient. ApiMethod.send() and ApiMethod.sendBlocking() will execute the request and return the response as byte array instead of mapping it.


Each domain model is defined as an interface. The interface describes the getters and setters. All annotations necessary for serializing or deserializing are defined at the interface. For each interface exists an implementation class with the suffix Impl and a builder class with the suffix Builder. The interface has factory methods for both. Additionally there is a withModelName method. This allows to execute a function which takes the model instance itself and maps it to a new type e.g. like type safe accessing of attribute values.
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