Interface Customizable<T extends Customizable<T>>

Type Parameters:
T - The type which is customizable.
All Known Subinterfaces:
Address, Asset, Cart, CartDiscount, Category, Channel, Customer, CustomerGroup, CustomLineItem, CustomLineItemReturnItem, Delivery, DiscountCode, InventoryEntry, LineItem, LineItemReturnItem, MyBusinessUnitDraft, MyCompanyDraft, MyDivisionDraft, MyPayment, Order, OrderEdit, Parcel, Payment, Price, ProductSelection, QueryPrice, Quote, ReturnItem, Review, ScopedPrice, ShippingMethod, ShoppingList, ShoppingListLineItem, StagedOrder, StandalonePrice, Store, TextLineItem, Transaction

public interface Customizable<T extends Customizable<T>>
Entity with a CustomField property
  • Method Details

    • getCustom

      CustomFields getCustom()

      Custom Fields defined for the entity

    • setCustom

      void setCustom(CustomFields custom)

      Custom Fields defined for the entity

      custom - custom field
    • unwrapCustomizable

      default T unwrapCustomizable()