Interface ProductPublishScope

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public interface ProductPublishScope extends JsonEnum

The scope controls which part of the product information is published.

  • Field Details

    • ALL

      static final ProductPublishScope ALL

      Publishes a Product that causes the staged projection of the Product to override the current projection. If the Product is published for the first time, the current projection is created. This is the default scope.

    • PRICES

      static final ProductPublishScope PRICES

      Publishes the Prices of the Product (only if the Product is already published). All Product Variants' Prices in the staged projection are published into the current projection with the same id. Prices in a staged Product Variant that has no current projection are not published. Prices in a current Product Variant that has no staged projection are unchanged. The hasStagedChanges flag is updated according to whether the staged and current projections still differ after the prices are published.

  • Method Details

    • getJsonName

      String getJsonName()
      the JSON value
      Specified by:
      getJsonName in interface JsonEnum
      json value
    • name

      String name()
      the enum value
      Specified by:
      name in interface JsonEnum
    • toString

      String toString()
      convert value to string
      Specified by:
      toString in interface JsonEnum
      toString in class Object
      string representation
    • findEnum

      static ProductPublishScope findEnum(String value)
      factory method for a enum value of ProductPublishScope if no enum has been found an anonymous instance will be created
      value - the enum value to be wrapped
      enum instance
    • findEnumViaJsonName

      static Optional<ProductPublishScope> findEnumViaJsonName(String jsonName)
      method to find enum using the JSON value
      jsonName - the json value to be wrapped
      optional of enum instance
    • values

      static ProductPublishScope[] values()
      possible enum values
      array of possible enum values