Interface StandalonePriceSetValidUntilAction

All Superinterfaces:
ResourceUpdateAction<StandalonePriceUpdateAction>, StandalonePriceUpdateAction

public interface StandalonePriceSetValidUntilAction extends StandalonePriceUpdateAction

Updating the validUntil value generates the StandalonePriceValidUntilSet Message.

As the validity dates are part of the price scope and are not allowed to overlap, this update might return the DuplicateStandalonePriceScope and OverlappingStandalonePriceValidity errors, respectively. A Price without validity period does not conflict with a Price defined for a time period.

Example to create an instance using the builder pattern

     StandalonePriceSetValidUntilAction standalonePriceSetValidUntilAction = StandalonePriceSetValidUntilAction.builder()