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commercetools sync

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Java library that could be used to synchronise commercetools data in any of the following ways:

  1. Synchronise data coming from an external system in any form (CSV, XML, etc..) that has been already mapped to commercetools-jvm-sdk resource draft objects (e.g. CategoryDraft).

  2. Synchronise data coming from an already-existing commercetools project in the form of commercetools-jvm-sdk resource draft objects (e.g. CategoryDraft).

Synchronise: Resources will either be created or updated. But they will not be deleted.

⚡ Take a look at the Quick Start Guide to find out how to build a product importer in a glance!

Currently this library supports synchronising the following entities in commercetools

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  • Make sure you have JDK 8 installed.
  • a target CTP project to which your source of data would be synced to.
  • commercetools-jvm-sdk as a dependency in your JVM-based application. (Make sure to use a version >= 1.35.0).


There are multiple ways to add the commercetools sync dependency to your project, based on your dependency manager. Here are the most popular ones:




implementation 'com.commercetools:commercetools-sync-java:1.1.1'


libraryDependencies += "com.commercetools" % "commercetools-sync-java" % "1.1.1"


<dependency org="com.commercetools" name="commercetools-sync-java" rev="1.1.1"/>