Personal Data Erasure

A package which deletes or exports commercetools personal data in JSON format from the commercetools platform.

List of personal data


The constructor accepts two arguments:

  • A required object containing the following values:
    • apiConfig (Object): AuthMiddleware options for authentication on the commercetools platform. (Required. See here)
    • accessToken (String): [Access token] to be used to authenticate requests to API. Requires scope of [view_products, manage_products, view_orders, manage_orders, view_payments, manage_payments, view_shopping_lists, manage_shopping_lists, view_customers, manage_customers]. More info on how to get the access token here
  • An optional logger object having four functions (info, warn, error and debug)


npm install @commercetools/personal-data-erasure --global


Usage: personal-data-erasure.js [options]
Export and delete all data related to a single customer

  --help            Show help text.                                    [boolean]
  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --output, -o      Path to output file.                     [default: "stdout"]
  --customerId, -c  Customer to fetch or delete.                      [required]
  --apiUrl          The host URL of the HTTP API service.
                                              [default: ""]
  --authUrl         The host URL of the OAuth API service.
                                             [default: ""]
  --accessToken     CTP client access token.
  --projectKey, -p  API project key.                                  [required]
  --deleteAll, -D   Delete all data related to customer.               [boolean]
  --force           Continue without confirmation when combined with
                    --deleteAll.                                       [boolean]
  --logLevel        Logging level: error, warn, info or debug. [default: "info"]
  --prettyLogs      Pretty print logs to the terminal                  [boolean]
  --logFile         Path to where to save logs file.
                                      [string] [default: "personal-data-erasure.log"]

Info on flags

  • The --deleteAll flag deletes all information related to the customer and can not be undone.
  • The --output flag specifies where to output/save the exported customer data. Several notes on this flag:
    • If the file specified already exists, it will be overwritten.
    • The default location for status report logging is the standard output.
    • If no output path is specified, the exported data will be logged to the standard output as a result, status reports will be logged to a personal-data-erasure.log file in the current directory.


For more direct usage, it is possible to use this module directly:

import PersonalDataErasure from '@commercetools/personal-data-erasure'

const options = {
    apiConfig: {
      apiUrl: ''
      host: ''
      project_key: <PROJECT_KEY>,
      credentials: {
        clientId: '*********',
        clientSecret: '*********'
    accessToken: '123456yuhgfdwegh675412wefb3rgb',
const logger = {
  error: console.error,
  warn: console.warn,
  info: console.log,
  debug: console.debug,

const PersonalDataErasure = new PersonalDataErasure(options, logger)

// function to get all data related to customer

// function to delete all data related to customer

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