This is a glossary of the core terms around SDK packages, along with their type signatures. The types are documented using Flow notation.


type ClientRequest = {
  uri: string,
  method: MethodType,
  body?: string | Object,
  headers?: {
    [key: string]: string,

A ClientRequest is an object describing the request that needs to be executed by the sdk-client. This is also the signature of the request object passed to a middleware.


type ClientResponse = {
  body?: Object,
  error?: HttpErrorType,
  statusCode: number,

A ClientResponse is an object describing the response object passed to a middleware.


type MiddlewareRequest = ClientRequest
type MiddlewareResponse = {
  resolve(): void,
  reject(): void,
  body?: Object,
  error?: HttpErrorType,
  statusCode: number,

type Dispatch = (
  request: MiddlewareRequest,
  response: MiddlewareResponse
) => any
type Middleware = (next: Dispatch) => Dispatch

A Middleware is a higher-order function that composes a dispatch function to return a new dispatch function.

Middleware is composable using function composition. It is used for authentication, making http requests, logging requests, etc. See section about middlewares for more information.


type Client = {
  execute: (request: ClientRequest) => Promise<ClientResult>,

A Client is an object that contains functions to work with HTTP requests.

  • execute(request) is the main function to use for doing HTTP requests, using the provided middlewares.


type ClientResult =
  | {
      body: ?Object,
      statusCode: number,
  | HttpErrorType

A ClientResult is the object returned by execute, depending if the response was resolved or rejected.


type HttpErrorType = {
  name: string,
  message: string,
  code: number,
  status: number,
  statusCode: number,
  body: Object,
  originalRequest: ClientRequest,
  headers?: {
    [key: string]: string,

A HttpErrorType describes the shape of the error rejected by execute. The error is typed (e.g. BadRequest, Unauthorized) and contains useful meta information to help debug the cause of the error.


type UpdateAction = {
  action: string,
  [key: string]: any,
type SyncAction = {
  buildActions: (now: Object, before: Object) => Array<UpdateAction>,

type ActionGroup = {
  type: string,
  group: 'ignore' | 'allow',

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